All of a sudden, I liked everything about him.

My husband and I met in boarding school. He was a cocky Southern guy who broke my best friend’s heart, and I was a mean feminist. He got “God’s Gift to Women” in the yearbook. We re-met in New York City in 2002 at a memorial ceremony at Grace Church. I was in a horrible relationship and he was dating someone else, but I was like “Fuck, I have a crush on Gary Johnson.” All of a sudden, I liked everything about him. We started dating and the first time we kissed my whole body shook. But after three months I broke up with him. It was too much. Then we got back together, and in late August we were walking through the Met and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was laughing so hard.



Our ceremony was at Grace Church. I had nine bridesmaids. I wore my grandmother’s dress and Chanel “Vamp” on my nails. My mother-in-law did all the flowers, which were dark and crazy and from Takashimaya. I walked down the aisle to “All My Love” by Led Zeppelin. Our vows were super-old-school Episcopalian — even though I’m not Episcopalian — I loved the idea of saying something that had been said over and over and over again like a mantra. Our reception was around the corner at Twenty Four Fifth. We had farm-to-table food and my dad and I danced to “Karma Chameleon.” That night, Gary and I totally made love. Thank God. I was set on it.


Pics by Noah Sheldon