After the Facebook friending I started throwing dinner parties so I could make up reasons to see him more.

Everyone knows everyone in Detroit. Literally. I first met John at a business meeting at a local bakery. He does small business loans. Apparently, I had met him a few years before at a friend’s party when he first came to town from Cleveland, but I was married at the time and so was he so I didn’t really notice him. When I met him at the business meeting. I knew that I wanted him. He looked like Lyle Lovett. He was dashing, but so shy!


The meeting was all business, but he innocently Facebook friended me that day because we both moved in the same circles. Once we started dating I asked him if he liked me after our business meeting. He didn’t answer at first, but he said that I intrigued him. After the Facebook friending I decided to start throwing dinner parties at my house so I could make up reasons to see him more. I was scheming because I honestly didn’t want him to start dating another Detroit girl.



Our first date was December 18, 2010. We met up at friend’s bookstore’s holiday party next door to my crepe shop. The party was packed, but we pretended liked we didn’t know each other. It was so electric! We ghosted the party, went to a Chinese restaurant, went to a one of my friend's house parties, made out with him there, went to this old cop bar, ran into a bunch of mutual friends who pretended that they weren’t shocked to see us together then back to his house.


Right after our first date he went to Cleveland for Christmas and it was the longest week of our lives. He came back and we both kind of just said, "I love you". NYE 2013 he proposed to me in front of 300 people at my restaurant Rodin. 


The morning of our wedding I woke up at 5AM just because. I had a dress picked out, but it was too “white”. It wasn’t right. So I got out my old wedding dress (the one I was married in before) and started dyeing the dress with these turn of the century dyes that I got from a friend. I started with the bottom of the dress. I went from Cardinal Red to blending the colors. It turned out spectacular! Kind of sea foamy. I used a hairdryer to finish dying the dress.



John and I got married in a field. I always loved this field; I passed by it everyday, working. We made it a point to not get married in the courthouse, but to take the paperwork and get married outside. The field reminded me of pictures that I had seen of the Tunnel of Love in the Ukraine. After everything was over, we had dinner this divey Greek restaurant in Greektown called the Golden Fleece. 


I wouldn’t change anything except maybe my hair.  I love throwing parties, but I’m glad that my wedding was a very personal experience. I felt so right. For me, in general, everyday is like Christmas.  I don’t save things for a rainy day. I just try to do magical things everyday, big or small. My wedding day was a series of magical experiences.


Pics by Beela Khan