We discovered we both enjoy fly fishing and drinking tequila.

Mutual friends introduced us at a bar in Manhattan. We discovered we both enjoy fly fishing and drinking tequila. For our first date, we went to Blue Ribbon Sushi and walked around downtown. We ended up at the now closed Cafe Lebovitz on Spring Street. We soon fell in love. When it comes to relationships, I always say keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty. If you keep you fights free of contemptuous remarks you will always be okay. The latter bit speaks for itself.




We’ve both got Scottish ancestry and decided to marry there, even though we’re based in New York. To figure out where to wed, we got out a map and picked the point where MacDonald (my maiden name) and McMillan (his last name) overlap. It happened to be a place called the Isle of Mull. We wanted to know we were going to the place where our ancestors lived and perhaps intersected. Hopefully we're not distantly related…


The whole thing went down at a castle turned B&B called the Glengorm. I cannot say enough nice things about the people at Glengorm. The children of the couple who run it would leave their teddy bears on the steps and in the main sitting area at times. It felt so cozy but elegant. 



While in Scotland we met with different tailors and shops to make the kilts and jackets for the groomsmen. We were sorting through beautiful tartans all day for three days and I realized I loved every minute of it. When we came home, we launched our company Pierrepont Hicks with a collection of ties featuring some bright colorful tartans we found in Scotland. 


We invited about 50 close friends and family. We wanted to keep it small and fun. Our poor guests had to fly over, take a train to Oban, catch a ferry to Mull, and then drive on the left side of the road about an hour North. It was quite a trek.



The night before the wedding we all went to a local pub and did karaoke. The next morning I went for a long walk around the grounds with some friends. I ended up helping make my bouquet with my aunt and cousins. My bridesmaids wore gorgeous black dresses and Wellies after the ceremony because it was muddy.


My dad walked me down the aisle while “The Toccata” from Symphony 5 played on an organ in the tiny church. It nearly blew the roof off. We held the reception at the castle. Everyone stayed very late and danced. The night ended with three of our groomsmen jumping into the bay in their kilts.