He proposed on a quiet cobblestone street in Tribeca. I started crying before he even made it down to his knee.

We met on a semi-blind date. Both of us worked at Goldman Sachs and a co-worker wanted to set us up, so naturally we both checked each other out on the company directory, were satisfied with the office photo and agreed to attend a Goldman Sachs happy hour on Stone Street. We went to two other bars that night to keep talking. I was definitely interested and attracted to him but a little skeptical — I had seen the "I work in finance and used to play [insert sport here]" movie before so I wasn't holding my breath. 


Our first "date" after we met at that happy hour was the following Tuesday night. I don't remember much but at the end of the night we had a really awkward hug goodbye. I remember getting into the cab thinking, “That was so bizarre, I just hugged him? Why didn't he want kiss goodnight?” My mind was racing



Jeff was different from any other guy I dated because it was just easy. He was into me so there were no games, he was pretty straightforward and it just worked. I remember when he first said, “I love you” because we had just gone away to the Hamptons for the weekend, and it was the first time he met my dad, stepmom and step siblings — a big step for me since I’m so close with my family. We came home and were at his apartment and I really thought he was going to say it, but then he chickened out. The next morning he woke up, rolled over and told me he loved me.


After we hit the two-year mark I think marriage was kind of just understood. We both just started talking about it; our friends starting getting engaged and eventually he told me that he didn't want to do the whole “surprise-me-with-a-ring-my-sister-picked” thing and that I should tell him exactly what I want and he would pick it up.


After we had been dating for three years he proposed on a quiet cobblestone street in Tribeca. I started crying before he even made it down to his knee. I looked up and he had a photographer capture the whole thing and then told me there were more surprises. We had a mini photoshoot in Tribeca, he had cupcakes and champagne waiting at a local bakery and then he told me we were going to the restaurant for dinner just the two of us. The waitress took us upstairs and all of our siblings and all of my best friends were waiting for us. I cried again. The feeling of being able to share that moment with everyone was so overwhelming. We stuffed our faces with Italian food and drank all night. 


  1. Lindsay + Jeff
  2. Lindsay + Jeff
  3. Lindsay + Jeff


Our wedding was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. We wanted something that was rustic but chic and local to New York where both of our families are from. It was magical and the weather was perfect — mid 70’s, no humidity, blue skies. It could not have been better. We had about 230 guests. The craziest moment was our first look. I walked up to Jeff and tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around and tears were pouring down his face, my heart just melted, and he said he was crying because he was just so happy to be marrying me.  


We wrote our own vows and I have to say it was the best decision we made. It made our whole wedding personal. I wrote mine at five AM the day before our wedding in a moment of clarity. The night before I stayed with all of my bridesmaids at the Tribeca Grand. We woke up and took a Tracy Anderson class to sweat out the pizza and alcohol from my rehearsal dinner and then went up to my dad's apartment to get ready. 


My mom and dad walked me down the aisle together. There was probably music but it was such a blur I don't really remember what was playing. My wedding party was my sister, Jeff's sister and my four best friends — three from high school and one from college. I had custom bridesmaid dresses made for each girl.


The menu was amazing: a farm fresh soft-boiled egg over salad, halibut in a pistachio broth and chicken over carrots and mushrooms. We did a speech between each course at dinner and then everyone moved downstairs for dessert and dancing with a DJ. The party lasted until around one AM. The next morning I truly woke up crying because I was so happy — everything was just perfect. We ended our wedding weekend with brunch at Locanda Verde with sixty of our closest friends, just catching up with bloody marys and champagne and a lot of honey-drizzled ricotta and bread. Afterwards we went to Croatia for our honeymoon. It was beautiful and relaxing.