He was always carrying heavy things across the property (shirtless) which was always a nice sight to see.

We met at the Watermill Center, Robert Wilson's International Summer Residency Program. I was an artist in participation and he was the Technical Director. Because it was the summer, and I had the summer lovin' bug in me, I thought there were lots of cute guys, but Daniel stood out- he was always carrying heavy things across the property (shirtless) which was always a nice sight to see. And whenever I got a chance to talk to him, mainly at the group meals, he had the sweetest demeanor- not what I expected from this tall, handsome older man. I thought he must have a wife and kids. Well, it turns out he had a wife, but they were divorced and he had a kid and she was at the program too. 



Our first date was at a nice restaurant on the harbor in the Hamptons. We sat on the terrace, had vodka martinis to start and lovely wine to go with our delicious seafood. We snuggled up the whole time and watched the sunset.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We couldn't stop kissing and hugging. It was adorable. He is the most loyal, selfless, dependable, kind person I have ever met. He is so different than anyone I have ever been with. We always put each other first. 


Daniel and I have a special situation. He lived in Berlin and I lived in NYC. After our summer romance, we said goodbye and talked about keeping in touch, but I was skeptical and sad. We skyped a few days after he returned to Germany and he said he really missed me, which I of course reciprocated. He told me to come to Berlin and he would buy my ticket. So boom, a few weeks later I was in Berlin and staying with him for a month.  After this trip we kind of both knew we wanted to keep this relationship going. It was not easy doing the long distance thing. We didn’t go more than a month without seeing each other during that first year.  



During one long trip in Berlin, where I stayed for two months, March and April 2013, on my last night he and I were laying on the couch and he said he had a present for me. That was when he gave me a ring box. I opened the box and there was a sweet rose gold band with a little diamond. I immediately asked, "Is this an engagement ring?" and he nodded yes. It was so sweet and I was so happy. 


We got married at Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin. It is the oldest dance hall in Berlin and it has tons of history and it is so beautiful. We loved the venue and it was close to our heart because we had gone there several times for different occasions and always had so much fun. There were 80 people at the ceremony and reception. My dad walked me down the aisle. My mom broke her kneecap two weeks before the wedding and couldn't travel to Berlin which was very sad for me, but in the end my dad was a real trooper and provided me with so much love and support, enough for the both of them.