I'm sure my crush was super obvious to her because I don't even drink coffee.

Marlo and I both worked at the Dia Center on 22nd Street in the late 90's. She worked in the roof top cafe and I worked as a guard. I had a huge crush on her and I always tried to sneak up to talk to her. I'm sure my crush was super obvious to her because I don't even drink coffee. I was immediately smitten. My brain turned to mush. Some time later, she moved out of the city for over a year. I wasn't aware she was back in Brooklyn, but one day I was in a car with my bandmates and we drove past her in Williamsburg. I practically jumped out of the moving car so I could talk to her. I missed out on doing things right before she left town so I didn't want to waste any time to ask her out.


I immediately asked her to grab a drink with me but she was busy that night. We made plans for the following day. The first date then lasted two days! Needless to say it was magical. There is an extreme comfort level we have with each other. It was an immediate connection.


Pretty early on I knew Marlo was the one for me. We just got back to Brooklyn from an out of town trip and I forgot my roommate was having a party. We weren't in the mood for partying so we locked ourselves in my room and tried our best to ignore the craziness. For some reason at that moment I felt the urge to say "I love you".


I think the uninhibited nature of the party outside of my room gave me the confidence to expose my feelings. We were both of the anti-establishment attitude when it came to marriage when we first started dating. Over time we started to change our minds on the idea. To celebrate our 10 years together we decided to go for it. We wanted to do something romantic and stress free.


After reading a NY Times article about a writer's trip to Grenada for her birthday we thought it sounded perfect. The place had a wedding package and everything was taken care of. All we had to do was relax and enjoy ourselves. The place did a fantastic job. The resort provided a wedding photographer and after the ceremony he posed us in all of these ultra cheesy poses. I really had to hold back from laughing. It's not our style but I'm a team player so we just went for it. There are photos of us peeking from around the opposite sides of a palm tree and then one with me pointing at the sunset with my arm around my wife. I'm glad we accommodated because now we have all these hilarious photos (that no one will hopefully ever see).The only people other than us at the wedding were resort employees who were there as witnesses. They were super sweet and just wore simple casual attire. It couldn't have been better. We kind of had our honeymoon before the wedding. We had to be in Grenada for three business days before applying for the marriage license so we got married at the end of our trip.