I had no intention of ever actually having a wedding.

I met my husband at a dingy punk pub back in early 2007. His band was playing, and I went there often because you didn’t need an ID. We were introduced by mutual friends; we ended up sitting on the pavement talking and making out all night. On our first date, we skated to an old monastery and hung out in the garden at night. Ant told me he loved me on our first date, I didn’t believe him and figured he was just drunk, but he kept saying it over and over. I held off for about a month. 


We quickly moved into a tiny studio apartment we really couldn’t afford. We found furniture on the side of the road and rescued a cat. We decided together that we should get engaged, we didn’t have any money for diamonds and I never really like fancy jewelry anyway so we asked our good friends who are tattoo artists to ink diamonds on our ring fingers. We had an engagement party at a small tiki bar. 



I had no intention of ever actually having a wedding. Family, friends and Anthony all wanted one but the feminist and tomboy in me raged against the idea. But, one day I was driving past the Perth Zoo (which has been my favorite place since I was two) and there was a massive billboard that read, “HAVE A ZOO WEDDING!” Finally something actually felt right. We ended our five-year-engagement by booking the elephant enclosure for a summer wedding.


On the day of the wedding, the best man picked up my husband for his traditional preparations (mostly a few beers accompanied with the Wu Tang Clan) and my girlfriends came over to listen to Beyoncé and get ready together. We were having so much fun we ended up thirty minutes late to the ceremony. I walked down the aisle on my own with a bunch of sunflowers to Bob Dylan’s “I Want You,” and we finished the ceremony with June and Johnny Cash’s “Jackson”. 


I wore a vintage crochet mini dress I bought online for only one hundred dollars! A Frida Khalo inspired red rose flower crown and a long white veil. The Asian elephants a few feet behind us kept distracting me during the ceremony. After the wedding we all walked across the road to the closest pub and ate pizza and drank pints. After the food and booze tab ran out all our friends piled back to our house where we drank and chatted until late the next morning.