I first met Ian when he grinded on me unsolicited on a packed dance floor at a huge Hollywood event.

I first met Ian when he grinded on me unsolicited on a packed dance floor at a huge Hollywood event. I thought he had a cute face and a hideous hat. His friend asked for my friend's number and the next day they invited us to the Clippers' game. We told them they had the wrong number. After bumping into him again a few months later, I invited him to my housewarming party. We made out for a long time and he took me on a sushi and movie date a week later. He wouldn't hold my hand, I was very confused.


We went to a concert one night and I was wearing new shoes that I had just bought that day. It was raining out and he told me to wait inside and he would go get the car so my shoes wouldn't get wet. Then he carried me out. I knew I had found someone who had love and respect for me...and my shoes!



Driving back, I was hopped up on romance and alcohol and I said, "I do too!" In my mind I thought he had told me he loved me. In fact, he had not, but alas, all was not lost and he asked me, "You do too what?" I said, "Didn't you just tell me you love me?" He replied, "I didn't. But I do. I love you." And I responded, "Like I said, I do too!" Then he asked if this meant I would FINALLY be his girlfriend, which I was really holding out on for a while. I was definitely not one of those girls who dreamt about her wedding day. We were engaged for a year and a half. We had the best engagement party about six months in at the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont. Everyone danced and drank all night. We were in no rush and wanted to enjoy just being engaged. 


We got married at this historic, beautiful old estate called The Paramour. I had been to a party there years before and thought if I ever got married that I would want it to be there. 


The most intense moment for me was walking into the room where we were married. Rounding the corner with my dad, I was overwhelmed by how much love I felt in one room. To have all of the people you love most all in one place celebrating with you was more powerful than I would have anticipated.



We had about 170 people. I wanted a nighttime wedding with candles and sparklers. We got married on June 21st, which happened to be Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year (details sometimes elude me). It was also a record high for weather and the hottest day in recent history for Los Angeles. Did I mention this gorgeous estate didn't have air conditioning? And oh, was there dancing! That was the most fun part of the wedding because we had a DJ who played hip hop. Everyone danced all night. It was so hot my bridesmaids asked me if they could cut their gowns. 


I wouldn't change a thing about the experience. It was perfection.