I was afraid to say it first for some idiotic reason, so I said, "I really, really like you" and he said, "I love you."

We first met at an audition for my college sketch comedy group — he was one of the founding members and was on the panel of judges. Then we met met two months later at LAX — we were both in Los Angeles traveling back to New York City and sat next to each other on the plane. Since he remembered me and I didn't remember him, I was weirded out for the first ten seconds, especially because he introduced himself as "Gregor," which was a nonsense word. I texted my friend and he told me that Gregor's name was "Dan Gregor.” 


After that we were friends for about three years before we dated, but there were lots of little "moments of romance" in between. When we said, “I love you” it was about six months into our relationship and we were just hanging out at his apartment. I was afraid to say it first for some idiotic reason, so I said, "I really, really like you" and then he said, "I love you."He makes me more myself, if that makes any sense. We truly bring out the best in each other. Most of the other relationships I had before then made me more irresponsible and selfish. But Gregor — yep, I still call him Gregor — is such a wonderful person I kind of have no choice but to try and match him.


Marriage was something we'd talked about but, to be honest, I was surprised when he proposed. He did it in front of his old apartment in the West Village with a gorgeous vintage ring. At the point he proposed we had been dating for about five years. I was really surprised and happy.


We had our wedding at a beautiful hotel called Rancho Pescadero in Baja California, Mexico. We knew we wanted a destination spot, so we rented out the entire hotel for about sixty of our friends. We technically had two weddings — the week before, we were officially married by my cousin, a rabbi, at a gorgeous restaurant in California called Inn of the Seventh Ray. That was an intimate ceremony with mostly family and a few close friends. Then, in Mexico, it was just friends, so it had more of a bachelor/bachelorette party vibe.


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 The night before our wedding, about twenty people apparently went skinny dipping in the jacuzzi. I was super bummed to have missed it. I woke up late the morning of to get my makeup done and had a pretty big breakfast. I got my makeup done in a room by the pool, so I got to watch everyone swim and have fun while I sat in a makeup chair for three hours. I walked down the aisle myself, with my vows held against my bouquet, written myself. Two of our best friends, Jack and Daryl, played guitar and sang "Crazy Love."


Our wedding party consisted of four of our friends standing under a canopy and they all wore whatever they wanted. The ceremony was officiated by a married couple with whom we are extremely close. Actually, they were seven months pregnant at the time and she looked amazing.


There was dancing until about 11 pm. Afterwards we all headed down to the beach for a bonfire. Our wedding weekend basically doubled as our honeymoon.