John and I met in the 8th grade in Sister Jean's math class. 

John and I met in the 8th grade in Sister Jean's math class. He was from Ringwood and Ringwood guys were always cool. In high school we always ended up at the same parties. He was rebellious and funny. It was sort of that classic good girl/ bad boy thing — but less cheesy.



We started dating senior year, but it only became official some time after Christmas when he asked me to prom. John wore a peach tux and I wore a peach dress. Anyway, we dated throughout college where I did his homework and wrote his papers. He was exciting and ambitious and wild. I loved him.


One day in August we made plans to head up to Ringwood to go for a hike. As we were driving up, John suggested we make a pit stop at this one park we both loved and he got down on one knee and proposed.



The ceremony was held at the same church I went to grammar school in. My bridesmaids wore baby blue dresses that had little lace jackets they could take off for the reception. It was bad 70's, but I thought they were so beautiful at the time. I wore a white dress with a high lace neck.


Everyone got ready at my parents' house, and we listened to Al Green's 'Year of the Cat'. We shared traditional vows and were just so happy to be married. The reception was held at a banquet hall near the church. I don't remember what we ate, I just know it involved fruit cocktail.


The band was awesome and we all danced like crazy and got bombed. Everyone was sweaty as hell and John's college friends brought the frat party vibe. That night we stayed at a hotel nearby, and the next morning we hit the continental breakfast and then boarded a plane to Mexico for our honeymoon.