Right after he proposed the lights of the Eiffel Tower lit up.

I met my husband in Barcelona during my junior year of college. I found him ridiculously handsome and was into him right away. His sarcasm won me over, too. On our first date we met at the park and went to a bar. Being twenty-one at the time I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Previously my boyfriends were, well, like me: moody liberal arts students. He was studying hotel management and seemed SO together. Plus, he behaved like a grown up.


During our first year together we met in Mexico City to drive across the country for a month. At the end of the trip I got hit with some monster montezuma's revenge and realized, well he's basically seen it all. He took me to see a Reiki healer and I felt so taken care of. I knew he was the one.



For our seven year anniversary he told me he'd booked us a trip for Memorial Day but he wouldn't tell me where. Then on the the way to the airport he passed me a print-out of our flight confirmation —  it said that we were going to Paris. Yep. Totally an over-the-top, insane move that left me, shamelessly shrieking with joy. One night he proposed on a bench on the Pont Neuf. The ring was a Cartier platinum and diamond band. Right after he proposed the lights of the Eiffel Tower lit up.


We decided to get married in Tulum. We wanted a place that would be a nice getaway for our friends and family. We knew we wanted everything to be relaxed and simple. Those were our buzz words. We didn't have wedding parties but our best friends were all involved in the planning, and they wore three woven rosary necklaces I gave them as part of their unofficial bridesmaids uniform.



We wrote the entire ceremony since Guillaume's uncle officiated. It was a mixture of our languages: English, Spanish and French. My dad walked me down the aisle. He was the best. So proud. I know he was telling me a story about when he married my mom as we walked, but I was so nervous my mind blanked and the tears kept welling up.


We served ceviche, avocado soup, grouper and a tres leches cake for dessert. A mariachi band showed up at midnight. Several people never went to sleep that night. The next morning we had a Mexico versus U.S. soccer game — half the guests playing had never even gone to sleep.