We had our dream wedding in Big Sur, with no cell reception, barefoot and on the beach.

Our first date was actually the night we met. We went to a little bar in Santa Monica and sat in their courtyard. I noticed how easy it was to be around Sean. He made me laugh so easily. He asked me over to his place after drinks and I didn’t hesitate to go over. Turns out he was my neighbor in Venice Beach. We smoked a joint on the wood deck attached to his room. I honestly have no idea what we talked about except I remember the feeling of how good it felt to laugh. He walked me to my car and as I was looking for my keys, he said, “Hey Nora, I really like you.”



I started thinking about marrying Sean after we got back from traveling for several months in South America. I just thought, “Hey, if we can travel together, have a home together, be dog parents, and still be wildly attracted to each other, we can get married.” I planted the seed in various subtle and not so subtle ways, but it took time. We both come from divorced homes. After seven and a half years, Sean proposed in Tulum the night before my 30th birthday. I was floating on air for  the rest of the trip and we spent the next two weeks in Tulum being total beach bums and overeating together. 


We had my maid of honor, Madeleine, read the tarot cards for our top locations and Big Sur got the best cards. It just became clear that’s where we would marry. We got married on Pfeiffer Beach, which is beautiful but not exactly idyllic — metaphoric for love and for expectations and for just making the best of every situation, laughing, and going with the flow. 


The morning of our wedding we rented an amazing house nestled in the redwoods for a few members of my bridal party and I to share. I woke up and a bridesmaid cooked me breakfast. I took time to relax in the hot tub on our deck, feeling the amazing energy of Big Sur. I kept thinking the whole time, I can’t believe I’m getting married today. I was so happy and excited and completely freaked out at the same time.



I arrived with my maids of honor and met my bridesmaids in Pfeiffer Beach’s parking lot. We all walked through the surrounding cypress trees to meet Sean and our wedding guests who were waiting for us where the cypress trees meet the sand. It was authentic to us to have a communal procession, which was actually the beginning of the ceremony in many ways. We had no music as we walked, just the natural sounds of the ocean’s waves crashing. Sean wrote our vows. They were short and we repeated them to each other. My favorite line from our vows is, “You are love.”


We hired a live salsa band from the Bay Area to come. Everyone danced. Sean danced the most, though. We were so blissed out dancing together that night. We stayed at the restaurant until one am or so before heading to our favorite little Big Sur hotel for our first night as husband and wife. 


After the wedding, we stayed in Big Sur for a few more days to enjoy the house we rented and to decompress with friends and family. We met them for meals, enjoyed the hot tub and took hikes. It was a sweet note to end on.