The foundation of our relationship was based on love and laughter to get us through anything. 

I first met Mike very briefly, and when I was terribly intoxicated, at a Valentine’s Day party on the Lower East Side. I was twirling around on the dance floor in a taffeta eighties short prom dress and silver heels when he walked in. He’s five-and-a-half years younger than I am, and I recall thinking how adorable and fresh-faced he was with his wide smile and billowy lips.



A year later, we met at a bar for a beer, but our attraction to one another was truly magnetic. I remember Mike said something like, “you’re a very cool lady” before he finally leaned in to kiss me. We jumped into a taxi and Mike told the cabbie to “just drive” so we could continue our affection adventure. We finally called it a night at 4am. Four nights later, Mike came over late and we spent the next twenty hours together. I didn’t have to think about my feelings – I just felt a profound attraction that I had never experienced.


A few weeks later, we were laying on the floor, and I said, “I know this may seem too soon, but I love you.” Mike then expressed his love in those three words and then we just lay on the floor smiling in silence for a while thereafter because we were so happy. He was just a perfect balance of confidence, kindness, fairness, playfulness and level-headed intuition that I find powerfully attractive. The foundation of our relationship was based on love and laughter to get us through anything, and I didn’t have that formula with past boyfriends.



We both understood that marriage was the next step. We were married for the first time (just the two of us at the Brooklyn Ethical Society) eleven months after we first got together. Initially we didn’t tell anyone because we planned on having a wedding with our family and friends in attendance. We became engaged -- in the eyes of our family and friends -- the following summer in the English Garden in Central Park.


We chose The Cloisters and New Leaf Café as our September wedding venue. We had about 115 family and friends in attendance, and many from New Zealand and the U.K . The morning of our wedding day, I grabbed a cup of coffee and yogurt parfait and walked over to Washington Square Park to enjoy a moment of solitude. We hired a New Orleans-style band from Red Hook to play during the ceremony and cocktail reception.



My wedding party was comprised of four childhood girlfriends and I asked that they wear navy and be comfortable. I’m not fond of traditional bridal party dresses. I want my friends to feel and look fabulous as they see fit. My girlfriends are gorgeous so they could have had on a navy sheet and still looked stunning.


New Leaf Café is a special spot because it is a non-profit venue that sources its food from local farms and gardens. It is a part of the New York Parks & Restoration Project, founded by Bette Midler (I’m a big fan). New Leaf served risotto, chicken and salmon as entrée options and dessert was cake, cupcakes and cookies from Baked in Red Hook.


Mike took care of our honeymoon details, so I was delighted when we arrived in Zihuatanejo, Mexico and learned that we were staying in a private casa section of the hotel with a dedicated chef and butler. Our room had a plug pool overlooking the ocean. We were like giddy little kids.