The following day I called her and said that I would trade her cardigan for a date with me.



When Natasha and I first met, she wouldn't give me the time of day. Our mutual friends always told us we'd be good together, but Natasha just "didn't see it." One night we were at a really lame party with two of our friends, and we decided on the spur of the moment to drive to Connecticut, to one of their father's houses. Half way there Natasha realized that it was a set up. Her assigned bedroom was next to mine, and I decided that the whole situation needed to be explored further, so once everyone went to sleep, I opened Natasha's door and insisted that we make out, thinking I was being really smooth. Natasha told me to get out. I tried to reason with her but she just wouldn't see it my way. In the morning we had breakfast and everything was fine.  




We later met up at a friend's birthday dinner, and a bunch of us ended up at my apartment. When Natasha was ready to leave I walked up to her and with real bravado asked her for her number. She reluctantly agreed. Interestingly she left her cardigan on my couch. 


The following day I called her and said that I would trade her cardigan for a date with me. We went to Lil' Frankie's in the East Village, and we just connected. I tend to sort of perform in big groups, but with her, I was able to really let my guard down and open up. Little by little we started dating, but Natasha is really independent, so it took us a long time to figure out what was going on between us.




I soon realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and after getting back from a trip, I decided to meet her in LA where she was spending time with her family. We were in this hot spring, and I produced a ring from under the water and was like "look what I found!" She was so confused, thinking I really found something in the water. Suddenly she realized what was actually happening, and in disbelief she uttered: "Uh... Okay."



After she said "OK" we didn't really think about the wedding at all — we were just engaged. Natasha was pretty disengaged in the whole process, but I wanted to rent a boat and go to Croatia until I realized that it wasn't something I could really afford and my friends would probably hate me for having them come to Croatia for a wedding.



I went from over ambitious to super local real fast. We ended up getting married 3 blocks from our apartment at St. Marks Church. We used the garden there (which is actually a graveyard), and we were literally standing on a gravestone while we said our vows. We were married by Little Annie Anxiety who was briefly in the punk band Crass that were a big part of my young life. Annie wore a priest outfit.



Natasha wore separates by this Brazilian designer Osklen, like a lace bolero and camisole and stuff. She looked perfect. I insisted on having a custom tailored suit made and I picked out the fabric and it was this whole ordeal that turned into a total fucking fiasco.



My last fitting was the night before the wedding. When I tried on the "finished" suit I looked like Batman or something — the shoulder pads were huge and ill fitted. Completely disastrous. Natasha totally took charge of the situation and was telling the tailor what to do. It turned out alright, but I was freaking out like a crazy person.




After the ceremony, we had a party in the church which was crazy and loose and loud and sweaty and catered by this really great Ukrainian restaurant called Sly Fox. I basically put this gypsy band together myself and had them learn these traditional Serbian songs, and they played all night. What made the wedding so special was that so many of our talented friends pitched in to help — including Tom Borgese, Jordan M, DJ Marcus Miller, and Sage Tune. Afterwards, we walked home and everyone on the street was congratulating us. They all parted ways to let us through.



Photos by Jeff Bark.