Susannah + Stephen

We watched the ships go in and out of the harbor as we said our wedding vows.

Stephen and I met years ago when we were both working at a record store in New Jersey. I was still 17 and he was 23, so my first impression of him was “old man.” Six years later we bumped into each other at a mutual friend’s going away party at Hi-Fi in the East Village. We bonded over a shared love for Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline.” I was instantly smitten. He was so cool and sexy and kind.

We had been dating for about seven years but neither of us were in a rush. Things clicked last summer when we were in Nantucket at Cisco Brewery. We drank a few beers, ate a few oysters, decided to move forward with the wedding on the island the following year, and even found our wedding photographer at the brewery that day.


Stephen had contacted a few venues before he proposed and we had settled on a date. The night he proposed I was out shopping for wedding dresses and went to Stone Fox Bride where I found the dress I would wear! Patience is not one of my virtues. Stephen called me and said, “I cooked dinner, but don’t bring your friend.” He would normally never say something like that, so I knew immediately that he was going to propose. When I got home, he had cooked my favorite meal – cacio e pepe and steak over arugula with shaved Parmesan, based off a meal we had in Rome. He was anxious so he got the proposal over with as fast as he could, basically the moment I walked through the door.
Our wedding was held at Dreamland Theater in downtown Nantucket, a movie theater that I loved growing up. Our ceremony was out on the terrace and the day was just plain perfect – the last real summer day of the year. We watched the ships go in and out of the harbor as we said our wedding vows. It was magical.



Our wedding party, two ring bearers and seven flower girls, walked down the aisle to “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty. Then my mom and dad walked me down to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. Our brother-in-law Jae Connor officiated, my cousin read a Pablo Neruda poem, my stepfather read a scene from “Annie Hall,” and Stephen’s mom read “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan.

We didn't say traditional vows, but spoke (briefly!) about our gratitude for one another. I used that opportunity to thank Stephen for standing by me. When I was sick no one knew if I'd recover or return to the woman Stephen fell in love with, yet he never wavered in his support and devotion. Our wedding day was my opportunity to express my gratitude and let him know how special he truly is. 



With the exception of my bouquet and Stephen's boutonniere, we made our own flower arrangements with fresh flowers cut that day at Bartlett's Farm. I mostly just helped gather the flowers, it was really my dad and Stephen who put them together. I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch those two men agonize over the proper number of flowers to include in each of our mason jars. 
We arrived in Nantucket two weeks before the wedding and stayed a week after, so the whole experience was really a honeymoon. Nantucket is our favorite place in the world, so there’s no place we’d rather be. Really unwinding and relaxing before the wedding and then spending so much time with family and friends, who really made a vacation out of our wedding, was such a gift. By the time the wedding hit, we were calm, grateful, and just felt super blissful.
I never dreamed of my wedding day or pictured my dress, but when I was planning, I got into the process and excitement of it. The craziest moment was looking out on the hundred-plus people who had come from all over the country and realizing that they were there for the two of us.


      1. Photography by Runaway Bride Nantucket