Sophie + Matt

When we met, I thought he was cute and laid back and I figured that could work for the night. 


I was introduced to Matt through two mutual friends. He’s in nightlife, and a few weeks into dating, I realized that I had been dropping his name at the door of a few clubs to get in without having any idea who this guy “Matt” was. Really, I had been manifesting our meeting long before. I was in a very “single” stage of my life when we met. I really wasn’t looking for any sort of relationship. When we met, I thought he was cute and laid back and I figured that could work for the night. 


We had a couple of nights together before we actually went on our first date. But on our official first date, he brought me to Omen on Thompson street. I was a little embarrassed because I don’t eat raw fish so I think he thought I was a bit picky and weird but the date flowed nicely, then he walked me over to the nightclub he was building and we made out in the middle of the empty club.



I realized Matt was the one pretty quickly. It was clear early on how much he listened and how thoughtful he was even though he was so busy. He took me to Tulum five months into dating. We were lying in bed together when he told me he loved me. I’m not sure I’ve ever been as excited as I was when I heard those words come out of his mouth. I tried to play it super cool, but inside I was freaking out when I told him I loved him too.


We would always joke about “when we’re married” blah blah blah but we never spoke of it concretely. We certainly never spoke about an engagement but I knew he was the one. He surprised me during our first night at our house upstate.  We were sitting outside by the river drinking wine and he told me that he had something for me. I thought he meant that he had a little gift for the new house, but he pulled out a box from his pocket and got down on one knee. I was shocked. I had absolutely no idea. I cried and screamed, “Is this really happening?” The ring was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, vintage Tiffany’s from 1910.



When it came to planning I could have gone either way but my husband was really keen on having a good party. We got married on my family’s farm outside of Toronto. It was an easy choice as I had grown up spending every weekend up there. We chose to have it in June when the land is in full bloom. We got extremely lucky with the weather. Not a cloud in the sky, the most beautiful light filled the ceremony, and the temperature was perfect.


Matt and I decided to sleep separately the night before so I snuggled up with my sister instead. In the morning, I took a long walk in the field. I sat on a massive rock, wrote my speech, and cried. I was feeling so many different emotions. It felt so healing to be alone in the field writing down how grateful I felt for this day.



When it came to the ceremony we kept it very small. Matt had his best friend as his best man. I just had my sister as my maid of honor. I wore a Cortana dress from Stone Fox Bride and had a beautiful slip dress made for my sister by Christy Rilling Studio. Both of my parents walked me down the aisle to a string quartet. Matt and I wrote our own vows. 


The food was insanely delicious. We kept everything family style and the meal began with our edible crudités centerpieces. We wanted all of it to feel very homegrown, as if the vegetables were freshly picked from the garden. Much of the produce came from local farms. We served lamb chops, chicken, and salmon grilled over wood alongside quinoa, tomato, and green bean salads.



After dinner we had a crazy dance party. Our DJ, Jonny Famous, killed it. There were so many crazy, special moments. But one in particular that stands out was walking into the teepee at 4 am to find a group of ten friends in the midst of a full-blown jam session/tribal dance party. I wish everyone could have camped out but the last bus left at 4:45 in the morning. 



One of the most special things I did was write every single person a thank you note which was placed inside each napkin set upon their dinner plate. It took me weeks to do, but allowed me to connect with each person who would be attending and offer up my gratitude to them. People couldn’t believe that I had taken the time to do it, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my time doing anything else.



Pics by Nathan Legiehn