Rachelle + Sean

I didn't want a diamond ring, so he got me a gold band inscribed with BTS for 'Beat The System'.


I met Sean at a dinner I was invited to for a food website at The Spotted Pig in early 2010. He was in the hospitality and food industry and I worked in the website world. We were seated next to each other. Right away we got in a fight because I said Steve Jobs was the new Bill Gates, but beyond that I didn't think much of the encounter.

A year earlier I had gone though a big breakup, so my heart was still with another guy. A few months later, I was going to L.A. for work stuff and my friend mentioned that I should reach out to Sean to network. I said, "Hey it's the girl from The Spotted Pig" and asked him to meet me for drinks at a cool new bar that he ended up being the owner of —  he never mentioned that fact to me which I thought was totally cool. 



At drinks we couldn't stop talking. The whole meeting was supposed to last for thirty minutes but it went on for five hours. It was so much fun. We talked about writers we loved, obscure old magazines we read, nature versus nurture; literally, it was like our minds were warped. He blew my mind... but my heart was still with my ex. Plus, I thought he was too old for me.

The next day, he picked me up and took me hiking. We had a lot of chemistry, and I knew I liked him a lot, but I didn't think I could get past the age difference. When I got back to New York we talked every single day.



The day after my birthday he took me on this amazing date and we've been together ever since. We traveled around the world together that Christmas and everything that could have gone wrong did: still he kept his cool the whole way. I thought, this is who I want to navigate my life with. 

We had been together for a year and a half when he asked me to marry him. I didn't want a diamond ring, so he just got me a single gold band that was inscribed with BTS for " Beat The System".  The ceremony was a Catholic church in Sag Harbor, and the party was at our friend Peter Beard's house in Montauk, which is really magical. We served caviar with potato chips and truffle pasta and there was a huge raw bar.  Everyone dressed in White Tie. The whole thing was super chic and glamorous.



During pictures two whales swam by — which is a sign of luck. The dance party went on forever. Late night we were back at our hotel room, where we fell asleep in each others arms.


Photos by Todd France