Allegra + Drew

After the 2016 presidential election, we decided we needed to make something good happen.

Drew and I met when we were in college, he was moving into the basement of the house I lived in. We didn’t start dating until eight years later.

Our first date was at a karaoke dive bar—he sang Roy Orbison and I sang Bill Withers.

I realized he was the one right after we started dating. It wasn’t anything in particular that happened—just a feeling of certainty.

We wanted to get married shortly after we started dating but figured we should at least wait until we’d been dating for a little bit. So two years later, after the 2016 presidential election, we decided we needed to make something good happen. Catbird was donating a portion of their sales to the ACLU and the Women’s Law Center, so we loaded our dog into the car, drove to Williamsburg and bought an engagement ring.

I was excited to have a wedding, but we were pretty strict about keeping the whole process laid back.

We had our wedding at The 1896 Studio in Brooklyn with one of our favorite contemporary Middle Eastern restaurants, Glasserie. We had 80 guests and it was a hot July day. We walked each other down the aisle and because our siblings led us through the ceremony, they were the unofficial wedding party.

It rained while we were eating dinner and then stopped and cooled down in time for everyone to go outside and dance. A double rainbow stretched all the way across Brooklyn — it was definitely a sign.

We danced in the courtyard until 10:30 and then our friends hosted a karaoke afterparty in their backyard for the late-night partiers.

For our honeymoon we went on a tour of France. Paris, Bordeaux, Provence, and Marseille.




Flowers: A friend of the bride

Music: We made some Spotify playlists for different parts of the event

Venue: The 1896 Studio

Photographer/Videographer: Chellise Michael Photography

Wedding Dress: Hannah Bias Slip by Stone Fox Bride

Hair and Makeup: Hair Metal in Williamsburg, makeup by the bride

Wedding Shoe: Madewell

Engagement Ring: Catbird

Cake: Glasserie

Wedding Bands: Catbird

Catering: Glasserie