Allie + Andy

That morning, I slept more than I thought I would, then took a bath with rose petals, crystals, and palo santo.

We met through a mutual friend. She knew we were both workaholics and thought we'd be into each other if we ever found the time. Turned out she was right. When we went on one of the earlier dates he bussed his own table at this dingy bar. It was this innate act of kindness and I realized I was totally hooked. 


He was truly the full package and possessed this weirdness about him that I could totally relate to and see reflected in myself. He was also the smartest person I ever dated and I was in love with his brain.


We bought a house after four years of dating and we figured getting married was a natural next step. After 6 months of waiting I finally broke down and said it was now or never, He proposed in my favorite place in the world —  in our living room with our puppy on my lap. That night we laughed about the whole charade, popped champagne, and went out to get lobster rolls.



I was a fuck weddings bride, 100%. I conveniently run an art event/design studio, so planning a non-traditional wedding was a no-brainer for me. It was important to me to do something different to show people that weddings don't have to be cookie cutter. It was a really fun process compiling all the things I find beautiful and putting them together cohesively. And I was basically my favorite client because I could do whatever the fuck I wanted... and I did! I'm all about the little details and I was able to put a personal spin on everything  -- my studio made 200+ ceramic windbells for the ceremony, we screenprinted and hand bound all of our programs, I made hundreds of cloth braids for our record lounge, we co-designed our photobooth, and had my artist friends make a lot of the little details.


We got married in Serenbe,  this gorgeous 900 acre rolling countryside town with state-of-the-art homes, artist residency, a farm, an inn, trails, horses, and waterfalls. Despite the weather forecast and a rainy Atlanta spring, the weather was 80 degrees and sunny. The ceremony took place in a labyrinth and the reception was in an open-air pavilion a few hundred yards from that.



Since our wedding took place in a labyrinth, our whole ceremony was designed around Greek mythology, specifically the story of Theseus conquering the minotaur inside the labyrinth. He did it all with the help of Ariadne, the daughter of Minos. Our officiant was Ariadne, Andy (my husband) was Theseus, and I symbolized Psyche, the goddess of soul.


That morning, I slept more than I thought I would, then took a bath with rose petals, crystals, and palo santo. I think that was the best bath of my life. My dad walked me to the entrance of the labyrinth. Our two good friends were the musicians for the ceremony; they composed and performed with synthesizers and a wooden flute. I didn't have a wedding party, but I did have a close group of girl babes around me that weekend showering me with love and good energy. Andy and I got dressed together and that was super cute and sweet.


There was so much dancing! Everyone was boogying and some of the kids were even breakdancing. The after-party went on until 5:00am and I remember my face hurting from smiling that entire time.


Pics by Gianna Keiko Rankart & Jamie Hopper