Amanda + Charlie

At least two to three times per week, we threatened to elope.

Charlie and I met online on OkCupid—I sent the first message.

Our first date was about ten hours long. We met for coffee on a Saturday afternoon (as most online dates start, a safe place during the daytime). We had coffee, walked around the city, stopped in at Amsterdam billiards to play pool, until we got kicked out due to a private party. Charlie then suggested dinner – afterwards we decided to see "Iron Man" at the theater down the street.

I was always impressed that Charlie seemed like an adult! He had his shit together, was very career oriented and didn’t want to quit his job to join a circus or become a rapper (like one ex did).

We had talked about marriage for a while, but I was still surprised when he proposed. We'd been dating for three years. The ring was a custom solitaire that he helped design.

We wanted to honor our parents' wishes but still have a day that we would truly love. I tried to be excited, but I let a lot of things stress me out. At least two to three times per week, we threatened to elope.

My dad passed away a couple years ago, so my grandfather walked me down the aisle to “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin.


We got married at Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where we'd had many dates. We didn’t say any vows; we don’t like attention so we wrote a quick ceremony script. One of our friends officiated, and three others made short speeches during the ceremony. The whole thing lasted about five minutes and was really personal and funny. I ended up with seven bridesmaids, the ladies all wore a black dress of their choice and the guys had black suits with navy ties.

There was lots of hearty German food. We knew our friends would be taking full advantage of the open bar, so we started with a huge cheese board and appetizers. Then we had schnitzel, noodles with cheese, a stew, and a great salad.

We didn’t have a dance floor, but that didn’t stop anyone from finding space to boogy. We stayed in the back room until about 10pm, then most of us spilled into the main part of the bar in our wedding clothes.



Dress - Vera Wang

Suit - Indochino

Flowers - Homecoming brooklyn

Photographer - Edward winter at Readyluck

Dessert - Dough