Ariel + Jonathan

After having been together for seven months and just two days shy of my thirtieth birthday, he proposed.

Six weeks after my last breakup and three days after my best friend convinced me to join OkCupid, I got a note from jonathan5891 that said, “I waffled on the right tone to strike in this message because I know who you are, and want to avoid, or at least minimize, creepiness.”

It turns out I had known Jonathan’s aunt for years before I met him — she attends a music camp where I teach every summer.  Nearly a year before I met him, she invited him to hear my sister and I play a concert. When he couldn’t attend the concert, he found us on YouTube and asked his aunt if I was single which, at the time, I wasn’t. Legend has it that when he saw me on OKC, he called her to confirm it was really me.  After exchanging a few messages, we set a date for two days later.


My grandmother gave me a diamond ring for my sixteenth birthday and, even then, I knew that one day I would turn it into an engagement ring. Jonathan and I had been dating for five months when we decided we would get engaged… but not quite yet. Five months seemed short and we wanted to give it at least another two. That July, I made an appointment with our local jeweler who reset the ring as a hammered gold band with a bezel setting. In August, after having been together for seven months and just two days shy of my thirtieth birthday, he proposed.

One of my friends told me repeatedly that when I met the right person all of the games and confusion would not exist. This turned out to be true. Jonathan and I are on the same page about how the world works and how we want to exist in it. His feet are so firmly on the ground that when I lose my mind every so often, it’s not a problem.

Our wedding was in a barn. The grounds and the tent, along with our berry-toned flowers, achieved the precise rustic, elevated, sophisticated, and cozy vibes we had set out to create. There was one tiny fly in the ointment: it was pouring rain and freezing.  

The barn was dimly lit and dust colored with string lights crisscrossing the ceiling. All our guests gathered on wooden benches. We were surrounded by clay walls, rain-streaked windows, and a few relatives bouncing their babies. It was as though we were inside the earth.

Jonathan and I had our first dance to the jazz standard, I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket, sung by my sister Mia. Everyone joined in on the dance floor, and we danced all night.


Pics by David DiNisco