Ashley + Laura

Some of the bridesmaids wore sage colored dresses and some wore button up white shirts, suspenders and bow ties.  

We met at my 21'st birthday dinner —  it was a joke that Laura was brought as my "gift". Obviously best gift ever. She was the most kind, light hearted, free spirited girl I had ever met.

I knew very early on that she was the one. When she was getting ready to head back to college I quickly bought a ticket to visit. I knew no matter the distance I didn't want to and couldn't say goodbye.

I started talking about marriage three years into the relationship. After five years of dating, Laura proposed. I was surprised, but I figured it was coming soon — I had been hinting for a very long time. We were in the desert at a photoshoot where we were a pretend engaged couple and during the last shot she went down on one knee — it was pretty great.

I was absolutely stoked to put flowers EVERYWHERE. I think everyone becomes a fuck weddings bride towards the end of planning and footing the several bills... but its worth it. We got married at Agua Linda Farm in Amado, Arizona — it was secluded, gorgeous, quaint and full of flowers.

On the morning of our wedding I remember stress eating, drinking mimosas and the morning flying by.

Our fathers walked us down the aisle to Ascension by Jordan Critz. We each had six bridesmaids and Laura had one brides "man". Some of the girls wore sage colored dresses and flower crowns and some girls wore button up white shirts, suspenders and bow ties.  

We wrote our own vows — it was one of the most special moments. I cried more writing them than I did the entire wedding day.

Our all you can eat buffet style meal was all vegan. The food was amazing and everyone loved it.

There was dancing of course. Our favorite part was our two flower girls killing it on the dance floor doing the splits together. Everyone stayed until about 10pm — we were exhausted by the end of the night.

Right after the wedding we moved across the country so we intend to have a "baby moon" instead because we might be pregnant during our next vacation.



Suzy Goodrick Photography

Carl S Miller - Video

Atelier de LaFleur - Floral

Heather Van Houten - Hair/makeup

Blue House Catering