Ava + Kip

The hardest part was getting everyone to leave at midnight.
Kip and I met through our dear friend who's the ultimate matchmaker. The first time I saw him, I thought he needed a haircut.

On our first date we went out for Korean Barbecue after my High School graduation party, where I slyly put my number into his blackberry.

The first time I told him that I loved him was after an especially raucous night at our local watering hole, Rusty Knot. I had consumed just enough liquid courage to blurt it out when we got home.

The topic of marriage came up many times. We had been dating on and off for almost ten years — but the proposal was a bit of a surprise. He proposed in the backyard of our friends house in Venice, CA. The ring was designed by our friends Alison Chemla and Lola Glazer, who reset his Grandmother’s stone between two pale green tourmaline trillions and eight tiny pale pink diamonds.

I went through phases of being super excited and wishing we had just gone to City Hall but I’m really glad we didn’t.

Our wedding was at Studio 450 in Manhattan. Both my parents walked me down the aisle to Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. Both of Kip’s parents walked him down as well. We didn’t have a wedding party, but I told everyone to either wear pastel or just go bonkers. Our officiant, who is Kip’s childhood best friend wrote the vows. Short, sweet and we were on to the party!

There was quite a lot of dancing — the hardest part was getting everyone to leave at midnight. The craziest moment of the wedding was when our friends Jake and Sam performed a couple of original songs that they collaborated on. Jake was wearing a Britney Spears style hands free mic, and a full western ensemble. It was truly magical.

If i could go back I’d make it all happen in slow-mo.
Pics courtesy of Ava Hama
Dress by Savannah Miller x Stone Fox Bride