Mya + Felix

I always knew I wanted to have a green wedding, full of plants and with nature.


We met at my best friend's house in Nyack for a house welcoming party.  By the time we interacted, I was too tipsy to remember anything. I do remember that we had breakfast the next morning and we played a game where we rate each other. I gave him a 5.


After seven years of dating, Felix was about to move to California to pursue a business venture and was going to leave me for a year or so while I stayed in NY.  He kept asking to take me to a jeweler to look at rings as a future reference.

A few days before he left, he arranged to have a gathering of a few close friends to visit the Staten Island Japanese Garden, knowing I am into plants.  While going through the garden we found a framed portrait of text in Chinese writing. I did not think anything was off since it matched the theme of the entire garden. My friend asked Felix if he could read Chinese, to which he stated, "yes." I knew his Chinese was bad so I laughed as he interpreted the message. I was mocking his translation, repeating his every word like one of those Asian scholars you see in a Chinese/Korean TV drama reading off a king's decree. It turned out to be a very sweet poem. After, he started to tear up and began to propose. In shock, I backed up a few feet. He got down on his knee and proposed. I nodded and said yes! The ring was a very beautiful vintage styled Verragio that I love.

I always knew I wanted to have a green wedding, full of plants and with nature. I spent many years tending to my mother's backyard so I thought it could have been a good choice to start. During planning, my mother informed me that she was going to sell the house soon, and I thought it would have been appropriate to use my childhood home as a venue for the wedding. I ordered the flowers from a wholesaler online, we hired a local caterer who gave us a tent, tables and chairs, and all of the decorations were made by hand or purchased from a discount home goods store. It was definitely a DIY wedding!

We had 60 guests and set up stations around the yard for people to interact, starting fires and playing with sparkle sticks. It was quite calm except for my dog walking to the middle of the lawn and pooping when the officiant began the exchanging of vows.


Towards the evening, when most of the guests had left, those that remained shed out of their dress and suits and swam in the pool until a storm came. Afterwards, we all huddled under the tent and brought our fire pits in to roast marshmallows.



Pics by Dear Alex & Jane