Lauren + Luke

We boogied until about 4:30 in the morning.

We met in college as interns at the environmental action resource center—total hippies looking for a greater cause. Meeting him was a destined, synchronistic moment. Since we took our time getting to know each other as good friends, our meet-ups at cafes to discuss projects we were involved in were more like excuses to spend time with each other, like casual dates in disguise.

Luke was patient and had no expectations, making me feel extremely comfortable, understood and loved. I knew he was the one right away and it was slightly terrifying. We were both not seeking a relationship, and I think that's why we really took our time which worked in our favor. Marriage came up eight and a half years later living in Oregon and California and traveling to Europe and Central America together.  We felt like we were already life partners without a label. As our relationship matured, we had a few pivotal realizations about the future and wanted to make it official in our own way—celebrating our love, our commitment and our time spent together. 


Luke completely surprised me and had an amazing custom emerald (my birth stone) ring made for me by a friend. He got down on his knee in the snow in Kirkwood, CA on Christmas Day and asked me to be his life partner.


The wedding was at Castoro Cellars, one of his family's vineyards in San Miguel. Since we live in wine country where people travel to get married, we looked past it at first.  After entering the beast of the wedding world, we quickly realized we had a diamond in the rough right under our noses. Luke’s dad mentioned this vineyard on the east side with an epic old barn that might be a cool place to fix up. We checked it out and saw its raw, rustic, beautiful potential.


The morning of the wedding, I went on a run through the vineyard by myself to get my nerves under control. Luke slept in and rolled out of bed to an epic breakfast burrito. I didn't want to do the traditional walk down the aisle thing so a family friend offered to let us use his 1960's light yellow convertible fiat and we couldn't pass it up. It turned into a pretty special moment with my dad, and I'm so it glad worked out.

I think it was pouring everywhere else in San Luis Obispo county, other than where we were. There were beautiful light scattered showers that washed the dry earth clean, and the sky glimmered with magical pockets of clouds. It felt heavenly. We boogied until about 4:30 in the morning, howling under the glowing full moon, making late night s’mores around the campfire. 


 Pics by Sarah Kathleen