Catherine + Taylor

Fun fact: I bought my dress before we got engaged. 

Taylor and I met at business school, in the same public speaking class. We maintained flirtatious banter throughout the class, which turned into a flirtatious email exchange, but we didn't go on our first date until four years later in New York.


I was nearly an hour late to our first date, at a wine bar in Gramercy. He told me he was there but "no rush," which I took to heart to try on 100 outfits. My pants split in the Uber ride there and I successfully covered it up with a long sweater — we laugh about it now. By the end of our first date, we were making out in the corner booth. He asked me, "what is going to go wrong here?" I said, "Nothing."


We had just polished off a couple bottles of wine and a large pizza in his apartment, that's when he told me he loved me for the first time — the best things in our relationship have happened over wine and pizza.  

We started talking about what our ideal wedding would look like three months into dating. We both agreed that we wanted an intimate celebration with only our closest friends and family. On a plane ride back from Greece, we each wrote down who we would invite to our wedding if we could each invite only 25 people. At the end of my list I drew a wedding bell and wrote "2017" on it. He took his pen and turned the "2017" into "2029". Eight months later he proposed at home while we were making pizza. Fun fact: I bought my dress before we got engaged. Taylor was home and saw an Apple Pay notification pop up on my iPad for the dress — I had told him I was at yoga. When I got home he asked me if I had anything to tell him and I said, nope.

I was excited to have a wedding, but on my own terms. I wanted there to be no obligations from family or friends, which meant no shower, no official bridesmaids, no bachelorette, no registry.

Our wedding was at Locanda Verde on a romantically overcast Fall day. That morning, my best friends came over to get ready with me. We had champagne, sandwiches, and fries from room service and 90s music played while doing our hair and makeup.

My dad walked me down the aisle to Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez. We wrote our own vows, and my brother officiated.

I know we served steak, pasta, and fish, but all I remember eating that day was mozzarella sticks at 4 a.m. in bed.

We honeymooned on an island on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It was amazing to spend a week off the grid snorkeling with sharks, stingrays, and giant clams.



Photographer/Videographer: Sara Wight Photography

Flowers: Aurora Botanica

Venue: Locanda Verde

Wedding Dress: SFB Polly dress

Hair: Savannarith Chy

Makeup: Carly Giglio

Wedding Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Engagement Ring: Lauren B

Cake: Ladybird Bakery

Wedding Bands: Blue Nile (groom) and Fortane Estate Jewelers (bride)