Christine + Jaime

One day, I started having chest pains and he dropped everything to go with me to the hospital.

I met Jaime a month after I moved to Madrid, Spain, on a night that I did not want go out. Jaime had also been dragged out that night after just getting home from a business trip — it was serendipitous meeting.


I’m from New York and after I told him about not being able to find decent Chinese food in Madrid, he took me to his favorite spot. I still have the little magnet they gave us at the end of the meal.

I realized he was the one a couple of months after we’d started seeing each other. One day, I started having weird chest pains and he dropped everything to go with me to the hospital. He sat with me for 5 hours, only to find out it was a bad case of heartburn. Instead of being annoyed, he bought me ice cream after — I was hooked after that.


Marriage came up a couple of years in. With me being a foreigner juggling visas and residency, planning ahead was prudent to me, which also included our future together. In Spain, it’s not uncommon for couples to be together and live together for 10 plus years before deciding to get married, so it was very early for that sort of conversation.


We were in Charleston, South Carolina visiting my family when he insisted on taking a walk during the hottest part of the day. We sat on a bench in a park and suddenly he was on one knee with a ring. The center stone is an emerald, my birthstone, flanked by diamonds on the band — I still don’t remember saying yes.


I was really excited about the wedding, especially since it was going to be the first time our families and friends from around the world would get to meet.


We had our wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. Our ceremony was held at the Unitarian Church in Charleston, which was a perfect match for us followed by a reception in the Gold Ballroom at the Francis Marion Hotel. We had 100 guests who flew in from 7 different countries and all over the US.

My Dad walked me down the aisle to Wagner’s Bridal March. I had 4 bridesmaids who wore floor length, dark gray dresses.


We wanted to keep the food local so we went with Lowcountry fare.


In Spain weddings are never-ending affairs. Since our party had to end at 11pm and we knew the Spaniards would be wanting more, we headed to a bowling alley.



Photographer: Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay

Ceremony: The Unitarian Church in Charleston

Reception: The Francis Marion Hotel

Invites: Minted

Flowers: Wildflowers Inc.

Catering: The Francis Marion Hotel

DJ: DJ Wade, OtherBrother Entertainment

Dress: San Patrik, Antonella Novias (Madrid, Spain)

Wedding Planner: Beth LeonGuerrero, Wildflowers Inc.

Videographer: Dock House Digital