Hailey + Zack

Zack and I have had two weddings because we have actually been married to each other twice. 

I met Zack at one of my very first jobs in high school and instantly thought he had amazing hair. We both worked at a Tommy Hilfiger outlet store in Phoenix. I was sixteen and he was eighteen. Our first date was an all day / all night date. He picked me up from my parents house and we went to an arts festival. We ate burgers at Ruby Tuesdays where he told me he might be moving to Seattle for college. Spoiler alert: He didn’t end up moving. After the “date” he drove me around and introduced me to his closest friends and his mom and sister. Looking back it was a little intense, but I was pretty infatuated right away and his forwardness didn’t phase me.

He was my first boyfriend, and when Zack told me he loved me for the first time, I said it back, but I didn’t feel it. No one had ever said that to me and I cared about him so much I didn’t want to let him down. Plus he told me by giving me a fortune cookie that read “I love you Hailey Marie”, so how can you not say it back? Clearly the wrong move, but I was sixteen. A couple months after that I felt that "in love" feeling. He had been out of town for a couple weeks and it just clicked for me. I realize we were young, but I had to tell him, so I called him up in the middle of the night and spilled my guts.

After I graduated high school we moved to Los Angeles, and started to build our life for the first time as a couple. It didn’t take long before I realized I always wanted to do life with him. The first time the topic of marriage came up I was nineteen and Zack was twenty-one. I don’t think I actually believed he wanted to marry me until he was down on one knee at his uncle’s cabin in the Grand Canyon. Here’s the thing. Zack and I have had two weddings because we have actually been married to each other twice. That’s right we, were legally married in 2010, divorced in 2012 and remarried in 2013. The first wedding followed the engagement story above. It was a huge beautiful wedding with a large bridal party and all the bells and whistles. After going through an incredibly difficult time a couple years later we made the decision to part ways and shortly after realized we had made a huge mistake. So we found our way back to each other, but for us there was paperwork and a lot of heartache involved.

The second time we got hitched at the courthouse and had a very intimate dinner the night after on a beautiful November evening in Phoenix with twenty of our closest relatives and friends. That morning we had breakfast and my best friend Baylee and I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up flowers for our dinner. I did my hair and makeup myself so the rest of the day was pretty relaxed at home. Our dinner was held at Giant, a coffee shop owned by our friends Matt and Ernie who were my bosses at the time. We all ate tacos and drank beer. Perfect in every way.