Cyndi + Adam

We first met at a nightclub. He was a promoter, I was his waitress.

We first met at a nightclub like 9 years ago! He was a promoter, I was his waitress. Classic love story. I was immediately attracted to him. He was ridiculously cute, but also had a very gentle demeanor (one I wasn't used to seeing in the nightlife environment). Our first date was not particularly “romantic”. We had no plans, we just met up to "hang out". But it was one of those dates that started with lunch and turned into running around the city like two kids in lust. We didn't go home together that night but we came REALLY close.

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  2. cyndi and adam
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He really had the full package. I was attracted to him, but he was also just a great guy all around which is super hard to come by. I feel like a lot of my previous relationships were either one or the other. I hate to be cheesy, but really, I kind of knew I loved him since our first date. You just know when someone's special. The first time we said “I love you” we were nervous. I think we were both in bed, and just had the most amazing night together, and both really wanted to say it. I knew it was coming. He said it first, and I of course said it right back without hesitation. I'd known for years.

We had known each other for a while, so I think there came a time where we both knew that marriage was where we were headed. The first time he really alluded to it was a few birthdays ago. He got me a ring, which kind of freaked me out when I saw the box because we definitely weren't ready yet, but he said -- "one day, it'll be the real thing." Couple of years later, he was down on one knee on my favorite block in NYC. I was more of a "fuck traditional weddings" bride. I wasn't anti-celebration. I'm big into hosting parties, so that's what I wanted it to feel like. Just a charming celebration of two kids in love. Not a "wedding."

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We found the venue on Instagram -- the Floating Farmhouse. Weather turned out beautifully, although it kept saying it was going to thunderstorm so we bought umbrellas and ended up renting a tent.

On the morning of my wedding, I was the first person to wake up in the house and immediately got to work. We set up the entire wedding with the help of some friends so the day of was werk, werk, werk. The craziest part was definitely getting ready. I was dealing with insane nerves and cotton mouth thanks to the Midol I had just taken on an empty stomach. Yup. I got my period that morning. Yay.

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We wrote our own vows. We shared only a few each in front of our guests but then wrote letters to one another, which we vowed to read on our one year anniversary. My mother walked me down the aisle to “Here Comes The Sun” played by our guitarist. 


It was 55 guests, we had awesome lawn games, a tropical lounge area, and the food was outstanding. We had delicious crudos, hearty mains like fried chicken and pasta, and pies for dessert. It was family style. After dinner, we had a couple of girlfriends perform acoustic sets and then the dance party kicked off thanks to my girl, Leslie Kirchhoff. Late night included yummy pies, and a campfire with a couple of guys jamming out on their guitars. People were kicking it til around 1am.


Pics by Camila Gutierrez