Danya + Andrew

Andrew's sneakers were cool, I had gotten my braces off, and it was Spring. That was that.
One of my friends from Jewish summer camp and I decided to host a singles party. Andrew had come along with our good friend David. I remember thinking he was really hot in a classy, all-American, California way. He didn't call me for a proper date for a few weeks. We had a cozy dinner at Supper in the East Village. I remember walking outside afterwards into the first snow of the season.

About five months later, David, the very same friend who brought Andrew to my singles' party, organized a get together with friends. Of the nearly dozen friends who were supposed to show up, just David, Andrew, and I did. Andrew's sneakers were cool, I had gotten my braces off, and it was Spring. That was that.
We had been dating for about two years when he proposed. We were on Whidbey Island off of Seattle. I guess I turned around for a minute because when I looked back he was down on one knee. We were excited to celebrate with friends and family, but the idea of a typical wedding was totally unappealing to us. We wanted it to to feel like a celebratory supper club. Instead of a typical rehearsal dinner, we asked two of our best friends to organize a roast. We had a casual pizza dinner at Fornino in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and our two friends MC'ed a night of roasts and toasts. No one held back. I was crying from laughter. 
The morning of our wedding, I went to my friend Mo's place in Fort Greene. We listened to jazz, had our hair and makeup done, and ate peanut butter sandwiches.
  1. Danya + Andrew
  2. Danya + Andrew
The wedding was at The Green Building, which was a ten minute walk from our apartment. My parents walked me down the aisle to “Love is Here to Stay,” written by Gershwin. We wrote our own vows in the opposite sides of a notebook; we're planning to read them out loud to each other every year on our anniversary.
We hired a klezmer band to kick the party off. They played an insane, sweaty, rousing hora — then we danced until the music stopped and headed to a local bar.
We did what we call a "medium-moon" in Cartagena, Colombia. The city has a really old school, untouched feel, and it's also super affordable so we stayed in the most gorgeous places.
Pics by Chris Gifford