Emma + Mariusz

I trust him and I know he always has my back.

We first met each other in a dance studio through our program at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. When I saw Mariusz, the first thing I noticed was his butt (it's very well rounded)! Once I spoke to him, there was a definite language barrier (he's from Iceland and Poland) — which made it longer to get to know his personality.


I can’t pin down a first date since we were friends for years. On a whim he asked me to go to Iceland with him when we were seniors in college, and we both finally gave into the romance.


Mariusz was different in every way imaginable. He's never afraid to say anything and he seems to make friends with strangers instantly. I trust him and I know he always has my back-- even when I didn't know I needed my ass covered. Also he has huge eyebrows.


I went to visit him in Chicago while he was doing a dance intensive for the summer. We were lying in bed and he was so tanned and freckled from the summer and the contrast of his skin tone against the white sheets had me feeling like he was the one. At the time I passed it off as being young and hormonal, but looking back on it my gut wasn't lying to me.


I think we first said ‘I love you’ casually, back when we were friends. The topic of marriage was a complete surprise. On January 19th he invited me to Central Park with him to celebrate his name day (a bigger deal than Polish birthdays). At the park he kept asking me to stand in different spots with him. This went on for awhile-- we even climbed over the rocks by the castle and got kicked out by security. We ended up in the middle of some secluded woods where I called him out on his scheme and he asked me to marry him. The ring was beautiful-- an opal with twelve small diamonds around it. He claims that I said "Yep!"


Our wedding was in Little Falls, Minnesota at Linden Hill. It's an old logger mansion directly on the Mississippi River nearby where my mother grew up. That morning, I ran around like a maniac because nothing was put together until the last second. My parents walked me and Mariusz's parents walked him down the aisle to the sound of the wind and the birds. We kept the actual ceremony fairly short and we choreographed a dance together and performed it outside by the river and trees.

It was a twenties theme, so our friends were all in flapper dresses and bow ties. They looked like they were straight from a speakeasy. We literally had appetizers during the wedding ceremony-- cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, bacon wrapped plums, feta cheese wrapped in grilled zucchini. For dinner we ate potato leek soup, salmon, boursin cheese stuffed mushrooms, a garden salad and a watermelon feta salad. We also had a giant table with polish sausages-- Polski Stol. 



Looking back, I wish we wouldn't have hired a DJ and just played our own songs. They were absolutely terrible. He also stepped on the chord that plugged the amps in, consequently shutting down the music-- four times! Still, we were up dancing all night.


Pics by Ali Kvidt