Katelynn + Cory

We picked out the ring together. It’s a gray diamond that looks like it has little flecks of sparkle suspended in it.

I met Cory when I was a sophomore and he was a senior in college. We both ran cross country. We were at a Halloween party and I had an orange tootsie pop, which Cory said made me cool. I thought, this guy is trying to turn this tootsie pop into a compliment? Pretty lame. But he was cute and confident and I appreciated his effort. On our first date we went to a grocery store. It was painfully awkward. Cory was suddenly quiet, so I rattled on for an hour and a half, careening between topics and making no sense. I thought it wouldn’t work out, but Cory did not give up and a week later we had pizza and Dairy Queen and a great time. We dated for a while in college, but after Cory graduated, we parted ways. A year-ish after that, we saw each other at an event for running alums, and it was so much better than the first time we dated. Very familiar and comfortable, yet interesting. Good traits for a life-long partnership. Cory said I love you first, one morning before he was leaving for a trip, and I said it right back. Marriage came up after six or seven years together. I asked him to present reasons we should get married instead of continuing on with cohabitation contentment. Eventually we decided to participate in this significant life commitment, throw a party, and continue on as the married version of us. We picked out the ring together. It’s a gray diamond that looks like it has little flecks of sparkle suspended in it. We were out for a walk. Cory had put the ring on our beloved dog Abel's collar and said I should check Abel out because he seemed to be "acting weird".

I was hesitant to embrace the wedding world because I thought it was so shamelessly like "this is all a​bout me". But after ditching some cliches and traditions (no bridal party, no wedding shower, no registry, no churches, no bouquet toss, no garter whatever, etc.), I was excited that we could get married under a tree, eat delicious food, celebrate with our friends and family, and dance all night to our hand-picked playlist.

We finished writing our vows at 1 AM the night before the wedding, and printed our vows at 6:30 AM at my office. Then we went to buy doughnuts because we planned to have late night doughnuts at the wedding. We were supposed to place the order 24 hours in advance, but I forgot, so I made Cory get in line at this legendary donut place before me and order 60. I pretended not to know him and planned to also get 60 donuts. In a moment of neurosis, I thought it would be suspicious to have two of the exact same order in short succession, so I ordered 40 doughnuts, drove home, decided we needed more, and turned around to get 20 more. Then my sister and I went for a run past our childhood house with a group of girlfriends and had them for brunch.

  1. forest wedding ceremony

We had our wedding at a nature center. The weather was perfect — 75 and sunny. We had 100 guests. Cory's brother played guitar as people walked into this enclave of trees. My sister read excerpts from the Supreme Court decision Obergfell v. Hodges and a Billy Collins poem. Our dog ran down the aisle to deliver the rings. We finished writing our vows at 1 AM the night before the wedding. The gist of Cory's was "you enrich my life and I will always be here to support you" and the gist of mine was like "I appreciate your patience and steadiness and will always work hard for our relationship."  The whole thing was a perfect eleven minutes.

Dancing is my favorite part of every wedding, so we took our playlist seriously. We started weeks in advance renting NOW26 - NOW59 CDs at our public library. Our first dance was to an acoustic version of Crazy in Love and then we segued to Beyonce's version as everyone joined the dance floor. Our friend took the microphone a few hours into dancing and ordered all of the male guests to take their shirts off. Half of them complied immediately and enthusiastically. We stayed until midnight and then went to a supper club for cocktails and steak sandwiches.