Ryan + Kyle

We met at summer camp when we were sixteen.


We met at summer camp when we were sixteen. I didn't realize that I was in love with him until about seven years ago, when a friend asked me on the train. I grinned and said I didn't know. A sweet older woman jumped into our conversation, and asked "Well where does it hurt?" I pointed to my chest and said, 'it kind of tingles'. She laughed and asked me "What's his name?"

Kyle proposed in the Hamptons. He orchestrated some of my friends to fly in from the West Coast. I'm really nosy and hard to surprise. He gave me his late mother's ring which melts my heart every time I think about it.

Our wedding was in Barbados. Kyle's family is from there. He had spent his summers on the island with his dad who still lives there. The day before my wedding one of my bridesmaids realized her dress was the wrong color — a slightly lighter shade of blue than the others. She tried switching with her sister who was my Maid Of Honor the day of the wedding but they weren't the same size. We were literally trying to get them in each other's dresses minutes before the ceremony started.

We had a late afternoon ceremony. I had a super chill morning. I ate snacks and the bridesmaids all got ready at my friend's airbnb.

My oldest brother walked me down the aisle to Childish Gambino's "Redbone". Growing up he was one of the first people to make me feel empowered to pursue whatever I was passionate about.

We both wrote our own vows. Kyle is a poet, so I felt a lot of pressure to be as artistic with my words as he is. We ended up having private vows with music playing to take the pressure off and to really focus on each other.

We took our honeymoon to Marrakech. We also squeezed in Paris. You can never go wrong with Paris.




Music: Sean "Mega" DesVignes


Venue: Almond Beach Resort


Photographer/Videographer: Lukas Piatek Photography


Wedding Dress: Bhldn


Bridesmaids Dress: J.Crew Bridal


Hair and Makeup: Ardis Giles


Cake: Annalise Cakes