Kyle + Jackie

Phil Lesh is an ordained minister and performed our ceremony.

We met after his first solo show in NYC.  It was at Joe’s Pub in 2005. I thought he seemed like a little bit of a rascal and a total babe. Afterwards, we walked around the East Village and sat on a stoop talking. Trying to impress each other.  Lots of posturing and pea-cocking, i’m sure.  


We spent ten years being friends, and eventually I we said 'I love you'. We got engaged on same stoop in the Village where we first met. We got married at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA.  It’s a restaurant and live music venue owned by Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. We’re both really laid back and wanted our guests to feel comfortable and have a good time. Terrapin Crossroads was exactly the right place for that.  Phil is also an ordained minister and performed our ceremony in the “Grate Room”, which is the music venue. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we took a party bus up to Napa and spent the day wine tasting with fifty of our closest friends and family.

The day of the wedding we were together the whole time — drinking wine and coffee and eating sandwiches from the grocery store.  My Dad walked me down aisle to the song 'Unbroken Chain'. There was tons of dancing at the afterparty. We went to Paris for the honeymoon.

Pics by Jay Blakesberg