Jessica + Catie

It's pretty hard to meet someone when you never leave your house, but somehow me and Catie managed to find each other.

It's pretty hard to meet someone when you never leave your house, but somehow me and Catie managed to find each other. Of course, the story is funny in general because we met on Tinder, but another layer of humor is added with the idea of Catie herself on the app. She’s an avid outdoors professional who was a workaholic when we first met, but still felt like she was missing something. I was well on my way to continuing college yet never finishing a degree and was steadily collecting cats and hoarding "antiques". Our meeting was easy, lesbian tinder isn't too poppin' in an Oklahoma college town, and we were both hooked from the first messages sent back and forth (Gilmore Girls & Netflix talk). After a week or so we met at what would end up to be our favorite spot in town—a local coffee shop. After the first night, all nights after were a melody of nervous laughter, slow couch cuddles, and out of character late nights.

Within the first few weeks. Catie wasn’t sure if she was ready to full on date her first girlfriend, or at least wasn’t ready to be what I wanted to be, and I was in for the win. We broke up for three days and then she wine texted me. The rest was history because any time after that we were both on the inseparable page.

We had two proposals because neither one of us wanted us to give up the opportunity to be surprised or to be the romantic proposer. We, of course, had to play a part in picking out our own rings and decided to go to a flea market in Texas to do so… we ended up leaving with a table, some fabric and the rings!

We wanted an outdoor wedding, we wanted to elope and we wanted as minimal people present as possible. Catie knew she wanted a reception following the elopement with friends and family to celebrate, and she convinced me of the merits of it as well. We ended up in Bloomington, IL for the courthouse legalities, Western Australia for the true ceremony and elopement with the reception in Angel Fire, NM.

We wish we knew while planning the wedding that we now know is that everything will not go perfect, and majority of things that don’t you won’t even notice. For instance, we stressed about welcome signs and made a big to-do about an XL sign for the entrance into the seating area for our video. I mean like, we spent $$ on the design and it got printed and there was a huge hullabaloo the day before because no one had the foam board or spray adhesive. But, no one ever put the sign out. And, no one noticed until the next day when it was found under the bed in one of the guest rooms where it had been stored to maintain pristine quality.


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