Kaajal + Tarang

We both wrote our own vows and actually exchanged them privately during the last day of our honeymoon in Greece.

Tarang and I met through mutual friends. After graduating from UCLA  Tarang heard that I was going to be in the Bay Area and found a way to "casually" run into me — we started dating a couple months later.


Our first date was a homemade taco bar in SF — unconventional but, unique.


After dating for about 4 years - we both knew we were ready for the next step.

He told me that he was having a team dinner in SF where family and significant others were also joining. After getting into the city, we caught a Uber to the “dinner spot.” He was fidgety and I assumed it was because this was the first times I would be meeting his team. We got to his co-workers apartment to meet up with them before dinner and as he opened the door of the apartment it led to the open balcony with a gorgeous view of the city and a beautiful collage of our memories against the right corner of the balcony and after saying the kindest words he got down on his knee. The ring was something we had seen a couple months prior at Brilliant Earth.

We both were super excited to plan our wedding. Throughout the year leading up our family members and friends all wanted to be involved. This wedding soon became a reason for our family from India, Singapore, and China to

visit the states — many for the first time.   

Our wedding week consisted of 6 days of events — we kept the cultural traditions alive with a western twist.

Our siblings, cousins, and closest friends were in our wedding party wearing Indian outfits that I designed in the palettes of aqua, gold, and red.

For the first entrance, I was carried in on a palki, on the shoulders of my closest brothers and cousins. During the second entrance, my brother and dad walked me down the to Samjhawan.

The five day wedding event was full of south asian food ranging across cultural cuisines from Rajasthani, Punjabi, Indo-Chinese and South-Indian — each day had a different twist.

During our reception, we had our first dance, a performance by our cousins with a surprise from our parents, and a dance performance by our closest friends — 45 of them dancing on stage.

We both wrote our own vows and actually exchanged them privately during the last day of our honeymoon in Greece.



Pics by: Lin and Jirsa Photography

Rings: Brilliant Earth

Venue: Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa