Lauryn + Marc

The guests were eating french fries, listening to live music and then the procession just started.

Marc and I have tons of mutual friends and we’re both into indie music, so we kept ending up dancing together at shows. Our first date was a super organic unravelling of events. We both ended up at a backyard keg party on a hot summer afternoon. At some point we took off to grab pizza. That’s when he invited me to check out his brother’s friend’s show where we danced up a storm and made out in a mosh of a hundred sweaty millennials.


I travel by myself a lot so as soon as I realized we could travel well together, it was kind of a no brainer. He makes living so much easier, lighter, and fuller.


Marriage was a mutual decision. My grandmother got sick, and she and I were very close. I wanted her to see his eyes looking into mine and know we were going to be fine. He gave me her vintage amethyst and diamond ring by her hospital bed and then it became official.


At first I was a fuck everything bride. Then I came around to my senses and I was an, “okay if we have an opportunity to throw a badass party to celebrate our love with everyone we love...we should do that” kinda bride. I put on my producer hat and created a vision that seamlessly blended our passions, our families and our love for life.


We had the wedding at District 28 in downtown Toronto. It’s an old factory building with whitewashed brick and old factory windows. You could see the Toronto skyline out the windows.

I had eighteen ladies in my wedding party — my girls, my cousins and sister in-laws. They wore aubergine, merlot and navy. I also got all the ladies silver bomber jackets with a custom patch hand-sewn with their initials. Marc made his groomsmen bow-ties with a print he designed based on the Grateful Dead rose.


Instead of an aisle, I had a big circle on the dance floor. I walked out of a hidden sliding garage door. The guests were eating french fries, listening to live music and then the procession just started. There was angelic guitar playing and female vocals singing Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”. The whole party was singing and dancing. Since it all happened in one room, it was like one big dance floor.

For our honeymoon we went camping in Tanzania, then flew in a four seater plane to Zanzibar island.


Pics by Lori Waltenbury 

Dress: Stone Fox Bride Lucinda Dress