Manasi + Rohin

The wedding was three days with events starting two nights before the wedding.

We first met at my place — I was throwing a party for my friend’s birthday and he was a friend of a friend. I thought he was cute and immediately did not want to talk to him. I was going through a happy single phase in my life and didn’t want the distraction — obviously that was a fail.

Over time, it just was never a question. We both knew as time went by, we made each other happy. We were sitting at my place when he said I love you — totally in a casual conversation.


I knew what I wanted and I would casually drop hints. It was about a year after we started dating, we were sitting on the pier, waiting for his family. I turned around and saw his brother and entire family walking up the pier. I went to hug his mom and she told me to turn around — Rohin proposed and obviously I said yes. The best part was the family members who were visiting and whom I had never seen before, were sitting on the dock with us and recorded the entire thing! It was beautiful, not extravagant, not cheesy, and represented the things we love in our lives — each other and family.

Planning an Indian destination wedding is insane. We had to find a priest, a henna artist, Dhol player, a horse, and a DJ to play Indian music. All in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and all without a formal wedding planner — it was crazy. 

The wedding was three days with events starting two nights before the wedding. Every night was a late night. The morning of, my best friend who is a celebrity hair and makeup artist, got me ready — talk about a wedding present. I drank champagne and hung out with my bridesmaids.

In Indian culture, the brother or maternal Uncle usually walk you down the aisle — my brother walked me. Our closest friends were our wedding party. We could have had 20 on each side, but that would have been half the guests so we had 5 each.

As for the food, different nights had different themes: Mexican, American, some Indian, we also had a s'mores night on the beach.

There was a lot of dancing — we basically took over the club at the resort every night.



Venue: Azul Fives Hotel, by Karisma

Flowers: hotel

Music: hotel

Wedding Planner: VIP Vacations/Azul Fives

Photographer/Videographer: Christian Pleva Images

Wedding Dress: Several stores in India

Bridesmaids Dress: From India (Season’s)

Hair and Makeup: Kerrie Urban

Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Engagement Ring:Descenza’s Diamonds

Cake: hotel

Wedding Bands- Descenza’s

Catering- hotel

Henna: Veronica de la Paz

Dhol Player: Drums in Paradise