Nancy + Will

After about a week, he told me that he was going to marry me.

We met one day when I was having dinner with one of my oldest friends. Will was with him, and had been all afternoon - both of them indulging in a long ‘liquid' lunch.

Our first date was an entire weekend at the Banff Springs Hotel. We were living in different cities at the time. It was amazing, beautiful, terrifying and romantic.


I realized he was the one when I really admitted how crazy I was, and started believing in him and in us. I looked at my life and his actions, and felt very grateful for his persistence and patience. I saw very clearly that both of us were very good for each other and had created a really beautiful, stable, safe relationship. 


The first time I said “I love you” was on BBM. Our relationship started over email. It was long distance, and we had only been talking for a few weeks. He said it back immediately, and I remember exactly where I was standing and how it felt.


After about a week, he told me that he was going to marry me. When we decided to have a baby, I think that was the real proposal and acceptance. The actual proposal came months later, after an epic hormonal meltdown on my part. He suggested I not ‘ruin it’ and let him carry out his plan. In the end, he had to give me the ring that had been in his bedside table for months. Then I was fine and we went to Boston Pizza.


I am fairly unconventional and laid back in every other area of my life, but when it came to this wedding, I was all about pomp and circumstance. I wanted to look like Kate Middleton, be in a grand hotel, have thoughtful details upon thoughtful details, and be with all of our friends and family, with ceremony and gravitas.


We had our wedding at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. I had been there before, on one of my many drives across the country trying to find myself. I said a wish and a prayer I might get married there. A year and a half later, Will was driving me back across the country to live with him - and we stayed there. 


We wrote the ceremony, with a draft circulating for a very good family friend who was our officiant. We both wrote our own vows, despite Will rejecting a number of the proofs I sent over. I made it complicated and had a real meltdown. Eventually we settled on 4 very straightforward ones, including: “I vow to be real.” The morning of the wedding, we had a private tour of the Truth and Reconciliation Archives at the University of Manitoba for whoever wanted to go. It was incredible.


I had the DJ make a track with two “decoy” songs - “Here Comes the Bride,” followed by “Animal” by Miike Snow. Then, I walked down the aisle to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. It was the most amazing feeling, I was jumping up and down and singing, bawling, and beaming.


Pics by Moore Photography