Alexandra + Matt

Matt managed to get hot cheese all over his jeans on our first date.
Matt and I met on OKCupid in 2011. I had just moved to New York that summer, and we went on our first date in December. We went for drinks at a cocktail bar in Williamsburg. My first thought was that he looked like a Jewish Bradley Cooper. After three rounds on an empty stomach, I was drunk and needed dinner. We walked over to La Superior for tacos, and Matt managed to get hot cheese all over his jeans. He kissed me on the subway platform that night.

Matt was my first date back out on the market. I was 22 and hadn't been looking for something serious, but I knew after a few weeks he was worth getting serious for. I had been estranged from my father for nearly 10 years when I heard from family that he was in hospice, and going to die. When things got real Matt didn't run away, he doubled down. That's when I knew he was the one.

We were laying in bed when he suddenly sat up and said urgently, "I have to tell you something important." I thought it was going to be bad but instead he told me he loved me. I was a little shocked that he said it first, but I told him I loved him too. Last September, we traveled out to Portland for our friends' wedding, and planned a week vacation to hike and travel along the coast of Oregon. Matt proposed near a little town on the very southwest corner of Oregon, in a beautiful redwood forest.


I never really had dreams of being The Bride. I always saw myself having a backyard wedding, or getting married at City Hall but Matt had a vision: he wanted to get married outside, in the fall, and it was very important to him to have all of our friends and family together to bear witness. It was a vision I could get behind.

We were married at the Onteora Mountain House in the Catskills. It's literally on top of a mountain. When we drove up the windy road and the trees parted to reveal the house and the view, we knew it was the place. We had 130 guests, friends and family from all over the country and Canada.

Matt and I woke up early and went on little hike. We wanted a moment of quiet together before the craziness began.

Writing our own vows was very important to both of us. My uncle officiated the wedding, and we worked with him to write the ceremony too. We're both non practicing Jews, but took some of the symbols and rituals for the ceremony. My mom and stepdad walked me down the aisle. No wedding party, just our family. I told them they could wear whatever they wanted, I didn't want to dictate. I wanted everyone to feel beautiful and be themselves. 


I feel like it all went by so fast! Maybe the best and craziest part was getting to surprise Matt with my terrible karaoke version of I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Matt is always the goofier of the two of us. We made s’mores outside the reception at a fire pit towards the end. The party had to end at 10pm, but there was quite the after party back at The Graham & Co. which went late into the night.