Samantha + Nick

We had bacon wrapped hot dogs as our late night snack—no one went home hungry. 

On our first date we went to an old school New York restaurant where we had oysters, martinis and a chicken pot pie, then proceeded to see the final Harry Potter film in the theatre.

We talked about getting married every now and then, but it was on a trip to Las Vegas in March 2013 that he mentioned something about a family ring—that’s when I knew it was actually going to happen. But I also knew there was no rush to get married. We were together for almost six years before we tied the knot.

I was very excited for a wedding, but I am pretty non-traditional when it comes to wedding stuff. No veil, no penny under my shoe, and I would’ve forgotten about my garter if it wasn’t for my mother-in-law.

We had our wedding at The Holding Co. in Los Angeles, we were nestled between industrial buildings with romantic string lights that lit-up our dance floor and bar. 

The morning of, I slept in till about 9 am, wrote notes to my parents, mother-in-law, Nick, and finished wrapping gifts. I think I ate a bagel. 

My dad walked me down the aisle to “Please, please, please” by The Smiths, played by our band Django Foxtrot. If you’ve ever watched Ferris Bueller the music playing during the museum scene is essentially that song. My father and I are big movie buffs and Ferris Bueller was one of our favorites, he knew right away where the song was from. 

Dinner was served family style (best decision we made) that began with a mixed heirloom lettuce salad with torn croutons, tomatoes and burrata, a grilled hanger steak with green harissa sauce and overnight brined salmon with a lemon crème fraiche sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes and honey spiced carrots. My grandmother made her amazing carrot cake for us to cut and we had a station whipping up fresh churros while everyone was on the dance floor. And then we had bacon wrapped hot dogs as our late night snack—no one went home hungry. 

For two hours everyone was dancing and singing along with the music. We had accomplished what we set out to do – throw the most epic party we’ve ever hosted. Unfortunately we got kicked out of the venue around 12:30 am. Probably for the best as we were out of wine, out of tequila, out of vodka and the bourbon was about to go.


Pics courtesy of Samantha Johnson