Sarah + Brenden

We toasted with fancy crystal champagne flutes filled with beer.

Brenden and I first met taking classes at community college. He was returning to school after dropping out of college over 8 years before. I already had a bachelor's degree, but was taking prerequisite courses for nursing school. We started out just studying together and going trail running. Brenden and his grandmother are very close. When he mentioned to her that we talked about getting married, she gave him a diamond solitare ring that belonged to her mother.

I wasn't interested in big gowns and eyelash extensions and bachelorette parties. I just decided to focus on the fact that the reason for the celebration is the marriage. That puts everything in perspective. I wanted it to be a party at a place where we actually wanted to hang out! We found a great pavilion at Patapsco Valley State Park outside of Baltimore, Maryland. The park closes at night, so we had the wedding during the day. We had around 40 guests. That was probably our best decision. Not only did it cut down on costs, but it allowed us to spend lots of time with everyone.


Brenden and I don't eat meat, so we partnered with an awesome caterer, Zia's, to serve a vegetarian family style lunch. We set the picnic tables together to make two long tables.  It was great to be seated for a formal meal, while still having everyone interacting. We opted for six different small cakes. Brenden and I both love beer, so we chose a few that we loved to serve. We had wine, too. A family member gifted us fancy crystal champagne flutes, which we filled with beer to toast.



Photos by: Deb Lindsey Photography