Emilie + Matt

Days before the actual wedding, we had a picnic for our guests with paella and local basque cake and drank countless bottles of rose.
It was Christmas Eve in a Soho coffee shop called Local. I had stopped by to visit a friend who was working there. A cute guy (named Matt) joined me at my table and we ended up talking for almost an hour. He had all of this Christmas Eve prep to do and had to run. As he was getting up to leave, I blurted out: “you should call me sometime” and he answered: “yeah...I should call you."


On our first date we went to Chinatown for soup dumplings, then we walked a few blocks over to Winnie’s karaoke dive bar for another drink. The rest of the night is a little blurry, but I know there was a smooch at the bar followed by a late night make out in some graffiti filled Chinatown vestibule. I think we both knew very quickly that there was something special between us. Matt moved to LA about a month after we met, but that didn’t stop us from talking everyday. On a trip to LA close to a year after we met, we were sitting on his couch watching a kung fu movie. I looked over to ask what we should do for dinner and realized I was totally in love with him.

On the three year anniversary of the day we met, we decided to stop by the coffee shop where we first saw each other and share an anniversary cookie. One of our special songs, “Bones” by Michael Kiwanuka started playing “coincidentally” as Matt pulled out the most delicate antique solitaire and asked me to be his wife. I can only half remember this moment because I burst into tears and said something like “are you serious?” Everyone in the coffee shop began cheering, and when our song came to an end, it was followed by another favorite of ours, David Bowie’s “Modern Love."


Growing up, I spent every summer with my grandparents at their home in the French Basque countryside, which had a magical garden filled with sculptures and mosaics. This rare melange of art and nature became our theme for the wedding

Days before the actual wedding, we had a picnic for our guests with paella and local basque cake and drank countless bottles of rose. It gave everyone a chance to know each other.


The next day, I got very choked up walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing all our family and friends sitting in a big circle around the Chuppah we built from bamboo.


During the reception, we surprised everyone with a local Basque marching band. We barely had time to catch our breaths after we had almost been flung off our Hora chairs when a guy sporting a 200 pound iron bull costume ran around the field with fireworks exploding in every direction. It's a Basque tradition called "Toro de Fuego,” translation: Bull of Fire. And they aren’t kidding. For our honeymoon, we drove up the Atlantic Coast to a surf town called Hossegor where we hung at the beach, surfed, slept late, and ate breakfast in bed.