Steph + Drew

We spent three weeks making out in a basement in college and went our separate ways.

My best friend Lena introduced us in college. I remember walking into Drew's college house; he was standing there with his thick curly dark hair and wearing a Radiohead t-shirt. I thought he was really hot and had kind eyes. He was interesting, funny and smart. We spent three weeks making out in a basement in college and went our separate ways. We ran into each other 3 years later at our college Homecoming. I remember questioning why I had actually gone. None of my friends were there. But Drew and I locked eyes across a parking lot and spent the rest of the day together drinking, dancing, and arguing about bands. That evening he invited me back to his friend's house for a bonfire. When I showed up, the bonfire was just Drew squirting lighter fluid into a tiny charcoal grill with an entire case of Miller High Life next to him. It was hilarious and I was in heaven.

The day after we got engaged some coworkers gave me a bridal magazine. I secretly threw it in a dumpster. It all seemed fake and didn't represent who Drew or I am separately or as a couple. I struggled with all of the "traditions" and things that you "have to do" according to family and books and experts. It took me a while to find my footing. It was very empowering when I stopped listening to everyone's opinion and just planned the chill day we wanted. We got married at Turner Hall in Milwaukee. We picked a music venue because music has always been a huge part of both our lives. We had about 150 friends and family attend. It was the nicest day of October.

We ended the night in a dance circle singing "Purple Rain" as the lights flipped on and they tore down tables around us. Afterward, we all went to a bar in the old PBR factory. Drew's 83-year-old grandfather bought rounds of beer and giant soft pretzels for every one. 

photos by Anna Page Photography