Kayla + Jordan

We were kicked out of the venue at two am, but kept the party going at a studio nearby until five.

Jordan and I met at a University in Ontario, Canada. I was wearing sweatpants, hanging out in my friend's dorm, and likely hungover, but thus began a cat-and-mouse game. This lasted for a few years until a Halloween party, when Jordan dressed as Prince and I was dressed in some kind of short, tight costume which met my 21-year-old standards. And we were off, and have been together 9 years since.


Jordan was different than anyone I had ever met. He said what he meant, and he meant what he said. Early on in our relationship, I got angry about something but kept saying “it’s fine.” Jordan still encouraged me to express all my feelings. This was a start of a personal revolution for me. I never felt like I had to be the cool girl with him.

When we had been together for two months, the holidays rolled around and we went home to our respective cities. On New Year’s Eve I missed a call, and there was a message from Jordan wishing me a Happy New Year, and ending with a loud “I love you.”

I hate surprises, so when we began to talk about marriage a couple of years ago, I wanted us to pick a day, prepare, and propose to each other, but it was important to Jordan that he propose. I came home from work one day to a note asking me to meet him at a park in Toronto. I knew he was going to propose and started to cry on the spot. When I arrived at the park, it was raining and we were both nervous. He got down on one knee and I remember nothing that followed.

Typical of both of us, Jordan wanted the vows to be a surprise, while I wanted to write them together like a mission statement. We compromised, writing them on Thanksgiving over a bottle of wine. The morning of the wedding I had brunch at my favorite restaurant with 20 of my girlfriends while Beyoncé played in the background.

We married in an old building in downtown Toronto on New Year’s Eve. It felt like a sentimental nod to our love and a good excuse to throw a rager at the same time. Jordan’s parents and my parents both walked us down the aisle separately. Jordan walked to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, and I walked to “Always You” by Ingrid Michaelson. Our processional was “Big Rings” by Drake. 


We also wrote a love note to every guest who attended about what we appreciate about them (which was a real labor of love, but I totally recommend). 


The goal was to have a sweaty dance party, and we definitely succeeded. I ordered a life-size Drake cutout which was a huge hit —  guests did not stop taking funny photos and dancing wildly with him all night. We were kicked out of the venue at 2am, but kept the party going at a fashion studio nearby until 5am.