Hi Guys, 


I opened Stone Fox Bride in 2012 — a year after MY OWN WEDDING. My publishing career was at a standstill, I had recently met the love of my life, and I was tired of crying my eyes out in therapy about being a professional hasbeen at 34.  Cut to montage: plucky blonde in jeans and tee pounds pavement, patches together a business plan, convinces brother-in-law to partner (thank you Shaps!), and launches an anti-bridezilla showroom in downtown NYC that feels like her living room. A groovy, enchanted oasis full of plants, patterned rugs, and beautiful bohemian dresses (conspicuously lacking ruffles, rhinestones and synthetic fabric).


Four years later, SFB has become a digital haven for stylish, mellow mamas — but it’s also mushroomed into a psychedelic pink cloud of all kinds of wild + crazy stuff. We're now a supercool Instagram feed, a weekly newsletter, a book and all kinds of innovative collaborations with like-minded brands. I also have a monthly advice column on Vogue.com, my own website and a personal IG page where I write a daily diary about all sorts of intense, unsexy life-on-life's-terms sort of stuff, like death, loss and grief. Plus, I have another book in the works now, too — a memoir about my Dad. Never a dull moment around here, bitches! 


You know what’s weird? If you had told me years ago that I would end up working in the wedding industry, I probably would have either a) punched you in the face b) put my cigarette out in your drink c) wept blue mascara tears in bed wearing only underwear. But guess what? Goddess had other plans. And I’m grateful for that.

Creative Director + Co-Founder 

P.S. May the fox be with you.